5 Celebs Who Hate Each Other

At times it could be hard to do not forget that celebrities are people much like the rest of us, they could get into spats or feuds together just like anybody else. For celebrities, things might get particularly nasty since a great deal of what they think are published or broadcast on tv for the whole world to view. That ups the stakes significantly on many occasions, and it’s not invariably easy to resolve public disputes between people who find themselves well known. Sometimes a spat will evolve into something more some celebrities could become lifelong enemies.


Handler, that’s friends with Brad Pitt ex Jennifer Anniston says that failed relationship has nothing to do with how she feels about Angelina Jolie. Calling her a “bad girl,” among other things, Handler has not tried to conceal how she’s about Pitt’s current squeeze. This one is a one-sided feud since Jolie says very little over it.